On the eve of the 580th anniversary of the First Independence and the 111th anniversary
of the Second Independence, achieved with great sacrifices, with the shedding of red blood on the black land for Freedom and Independence...
for the Albanian people, from the same centuries-old oppressor
of the Arbërian people...!


It was a distant time, there in Arbëria As people awaited the fate, with anticipation for craftsmen Consciousness was extinguished as it was crushed in hand.

Hope sparkled from the given promise To the homeland trampled and oppressed The lands trembled and failed to say They sought a worthy man for this land. To restore pride along with honor And the journey towards the sunlight To remove the shackles that clashed at the door With Asiatic pretexts that brought hordes.
A star of hope was shining As warm lines of starlight... The brilliance of the Homeland was striking As the State of the Arbërian Lands was born. Since that time in the calendar date Today, 580 years of an era are being fulfilled And 111 years for the second Albanian Independence for this trampled Land. And later there was a third But that was not independence... They called it liberation... but brought true disappointment And the fourth was true Independence The newest history in our Dardania. You: Ilirida, Highlands, Plains, and Chameria You will wait and endure some warm breezes Because Albanian unity will have in Albania Once the cold cyclones cease As soon as the Albanian hearts warm up As soon as possible One language, one flag, one history to have implemented With Albanianism in faith and in a Primer to learn from! Perhaps there will be born a new George To unite, the lands, and the Albanians, in one Albania.